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Covid19 Pandemic: Life Under Lock-down In Nigeria

Covid19″,  just came out of nowhere like the night pirates, who won’t give any notification to their reluctant hosts. The whole world was taken aback because of no nation, not even the so-called superpowers, were ready for its emergence.
However, it has come and it has come.

It has caused a lot of havoc around the globe. Casualties vary from country to country, with the developed countries, recording the highest degree of devastation. These advanced countries, unprepared as they were, have been able to manage the scourge, up to a satisfactory level, due to their level of thinking, better health/ medical personnel, and equipment.
While the outbreak of this pandemic disease is going down over there, the same cannot be said about our own country.

Every day we are being fed with the news of discoveries, particularly in Lagos State and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
We have been locked for two weeks now. Only one member per family can go shopping and only in the nearest shop or supermarket. Foodstuffs are expensive.

We are advised not to leave the house without a mask and gloves. You can only leave the house for serious needs. Now even outdoor physical activity is prohibited. All stores are closed, and food delivery doesn’t work in my region. You cannot see your family members or partner if they live in another community, even if it is 5 minutes away.

Now to the main issue, How has our life changed drastically during the lock-down, and how do we combat this deadly disease? We need to re-strategize on the methods being adopted as of now, to a more highly persuasive technique. How do I mean? Henceforth, our media messages should be tailored towards allaying the fears being nursed by the victims that, if people come out voluntarily to admit that they have the disease or its symptoms, they will be ostracized and taken to an isolation center, where nobody will attend to them.

Medical professionals are urgently sought, hospitals are full. Doctors work continuously. Every day the dead increase and the morgues are full. You cannot attend the funeral of your loved ones; they die alone and in silence. Though now we can breathe a sigh of relief but not resting on our oars because the number of healed (45) is greater than that of the deceased (250+) in Lagos state alone.

I’m very worried. Even economically we are suffering unimaginable damage. Not to mention the many thefts that are taking place in some cities, as the shops are closed, without any surveillance. In some states in the southwest shops are looted every day.

In the meantime, the social situation is deteriorating. With the economy stuck for days, the money is running out, and the social revolt is near. Today some supermarkets have been stormed. But I think criminals are just taking advantage of the situation to rob residents in broad daylight.
I hope all of this will end soon, although I believe that the situation will continue longer than estimated, it can only make things worse.

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